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Welcome to Sound Local!

Welcome to Sound Local!

Your vessel for what's local.

We tell local stories. Sound Local is a digital media company devoted to highlighting Long Island's local community members, organizations, and happenings to promote engagement within our local community and support for our local economy.

In a world of constantly evolving technology and growing conveniences, we have become ever so isolated from our neighbors. Main Streets across the country struggle to keep store fronts open as more people opt to shop online or go to the nearest chain retailer that undercuts the prices of Mom & Pop shops. Here at Sound Local we believe it is important to rediscover the importance of community by encouraging the idea of supporting local.

What does it mean to support local?

Supporting local doesn't just mean patronizing the shops closest to your home. It means engaging with your community and seeking out the unique people and businesses that make our Long Island culture special. Instead of going to Walmart for your produce, try a local farm stand. Our local farmers are working hard at growing food right under your nose. You aren't going to find ingredients more fresh than what is grown locally. Next time you go to the liquor store, look for the local wines that are produced on the East End; infused with the tastes only Long Island's terroir can produce. Or better yet, go straight to the source and visit a local winery.

Take the initiative to invest in your community. Supporting local is not just about buying locally produced goods, it's also about showing up for those trying to do good in your community. Showing up could mean volunteering, or referring a local tradesperson to a family member, or encouraging a friend to pursue their dreams, or it could mean following @soundlocal_li on social media and learning about some exceptional humans who happen to reside on this island.

What to expect?

Our mission is to be an encouraging force for those doing great work here on Long Island by sharing their stories for others to see. Sound Local will be bringing you locally-focused and original content. That includes videos, photos, and written articles.

How can you help?

While ambitious in mission, we still need your help finding the unsung locals that deserve a bit of recognition. We are open to suggestions on stories to cover, so don't hesitate to reach out and pitch us an idea. Bonus points if you can facilitate the introduction.

Want to get the word out about your local business?

We offer video production and advertising services that give you the megaphone in front of our local-centric audience. Reach out to learn more about rates for sponsored content creation.

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